Lori  Lovelady                  Author  &  Illustrator 

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Lori Lovelady... Artist, Writer & Publisher

Lori self published her first children’s book, “Nathanael’s Good Imagination,” in 1984. It was about her son Nathanael’s vivid imagination at the age of three. Little did she know that her son would also be the reason for the existence of her second children’s book, “Nattie’s Daddy”,” more than two decades later. “Nattie’s Daddy” was conceived from the author’s true life tragedy when her now adult son, Nathanael, was suddenly killed in a car accident. It not only left her without a son, but he had a baby girl now asking, “Where is my daddy?” Lori felt the need to answer her granddaughter’s question in a gentle approach through storytelling with pictures.

This is Nathanael and his adoring sister, Gabrielle.